Creative Commuting.

Hello again.

If you’ve listened to the second episode of the podcast, you’ll have heard crafter, Emma McArthur, talk about how she used her morning bus ride to work to think about her creative work. Well, I have a bus ride to work. I have stuff I want to create. I could do that. So, I thought I’d try it this week, just for a week. See how it goes.

In truth, the daily commute is a bit of a chore for me, because I can’t read or write on a bus without feeling sick and dizzy. I can’t wear headphones, as they give me a splitting headache. So, the journey is often spent getting forensic over the working day, or fretting about things that really don’t matter that much but which grow to epic proportions when stuck on the top deck of a London bus. There’s nothing like a long bus journey for some unhealthy introspection, except maybe a long walk.

Here’s my first (and only) piece of advice to today’s readers. If you set yourself a time-based goal, with the hope of achieving something concrete by the end of it, don’t forget to start it. Yes, seriously, I blinking well forgot this morning, didn’t I? Monday mornings don’t often start with a bang, but forgetting was pretty unforgiveable.

I’d had it all planned out so neatly. Next to the stop where I end my journey is a bench. I would sit on that bench and quickly jot down all the creative ideas that were forming in my head before a short walk to the office. Given that I can’t write whilst travelling, due to the aforementioned nausea, a speedy recording of any gems seemed to be called for.

But I clean forgot. So I did have to question my commitment, but I really am going to try. Tomorrow I fly to Portugal for work, and I think that counts as a commute. The one vehicle I can happily read and write on is a plane, unless it’s very turbulent. If it is, creative gems won’t be high on my list anyway. Fear will nudge them aside. Assuming a smooth passage, I shall try to focus.

Let’s catch up here again soon. And I will fill you in on my progress. I can’t promise to share all my ideas, just in case they get stolen by the unscrupulous. That’s not you, my friends, but the online world is a devilish place.

Happy commuting yourselves until next time.

All best




Author: squattingtoad

Mel is a comedy writer and performer, with a particular interest in creativity and a cynical interest in the workplace and how its idiosyncrasies (nicest word she could find) can drive us all mad.

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