Those Crafty Pixies

So, I’ve just opened my wallet and bought some random items I liked, among them coloured paper, ribbon, a wee frame and my favourite item of all, Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Powder. No, I have no idea what it does, either, but it sounds brilliant! I am hoping it can actually conjure up pixies. Oh, I’ve just noticed something about seeking medical advice on the back of the bottle. Oops.

This report comes to you from a first-time visitor to the Ally Pally Crafting Fair.

The splendid Alexandra Palace was built in 1873 as a place of entertainment for the masses – that would be you and me, friends. Handily, this member of that happy band lives but a fifteen minute walk to the palace door and, so this Sunday found me there, eager to get to grips with crafting.

I had no idea what to expect, and was there more in the capacity of Squatting Toad’s chief researcher, than as an active participant, but I am keen to try out something crafty, and to learn whether I really am as devoid of skill or talent as was assumed at school. I was really quite bad at art and sewing and the like, but I suspect that I hammed it up a bit. Better to be really terrible and joke about it, than merely a bit less than mediocre. Just a theory, from more than thirty years’ distance, anyway.

In the Great Hall of Ally Pally, I felt as out of my depth as I have done at the Vintage Car Show that used to be an annual pilgrimage (don’t ask). Since I couldn’t identify many of the items on sale, I didn’t really come away with a sense of what I’d like to do. I mean, I could just draw on some paper with glue and scatter some glitter on it, especially with pick and mix glitter going for £1 a bag.

How I wished my chum, Emma of emmalucymakes, had been with me. I’m hoping she can advise soon on what to do with my random haul and I may even post up the results at some stage. Watch out for the pixies.

Yes, I was out of my comfort zone and no, I didn’t know what the hell was going on, but the whole thing made me smile (especially the battle at the ‘everything for one pound’ stall), and, yes, I am going to get creative and crafty. If the result is pretty rubbish, I guess I’ll just laugh about like I did when I was thirteen.

I hope you’re all having a creative weekend. More on this crafting lark in a future podcast.





Author: squattingtoad

Mel is a comedy writer and performer, with a particular interest in creativity and a cynical interest in the workplace and how its idiosyncrasies (nicest word she could find) can drive us all mad.

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