About Me

Hello creative friends.

I’m Mel Byron and I live in London, UK with my husband and a ginger cat. Actually, he’s not our ginger cat, but he liked us, so he moved in.

I’m fascinated by creativity and what creativity means to different people. What really fascinates me is the things people get up to when they’re not working. There’s a whole world of people out there, creating, making, singing, writing and goodness knows what else, whilst holding down a job and other responsibilities. What motivates us to do this? Could we be professionals.

I’ve worked for years in the publishing industry, and what I’ve realised is that authors are just people like you and me. But they did it. They didn’t just dream about writing, they went ahead and did it. It takes confidence and commitment, but creating something worthwhile, both for you and an audience, can be done.

Please join me on this journey into creativity and learning about it, and let’s see what we find and what we end up creating.