New Podcast (hurrah). Top Books for Creative People

Hello Friends

We all need some inspiration from time to time, either somebody to give us a motivating kick in the proverbial, or just  time out to read some wise words in a good book.

Well, embarrassment of riches time, because in today’s podcast, I bring you wise words from three good books. I’ve chosen these books because I found them inspiring, not because I was looking for some books to review. I hope you’ll invest in at least one of them (or find them in your library), and I hope you’ll agree.

Don’t worry if you don’t agree, just tell me which books have moved you and I can maybe feature them in a later episode.

Here goes on Soundcloud:

I will post iTunes and Podomatic links soonest.

Have a great, creative weekend.



Latest podcast available now.

Hello all

Time for my newest podcast. This time, I’m reviewing two recent books on creativity, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and Think Like an Artist by Will Gompertz.

Which book has inspired your creativity? I’d love to know, and I can compile a list to share with everyone.

Happy listening.

If you don’t have iTunes, there’s Podomatic: