Entrepreneur? Me?

So, last week’s creative commuting project was something of a mixed bag. The commuting bit was ok, in that I got to where I was going to.  As for the creativity, I probably made a poor choice of week, what with a business trip overseas and all. Too much in-flight turbulence put paid to clear thinking.

But here’s a jolly thing. As I was waiting for the train to Heathrow, who should hove into view but my old chum, Kathryn. I hadn’t seen her for literally years. She’s currently living in the Netherlands, and, although I keep meaning to find time in my work schedule to visit, it hasn’t happened up to now. So, it was one of those happy happenings. I mean, when do you bump into someone you know on an Underground platform? We had ten minutes to chat before she had to get off the train. It seems she’s just given up her job and was over here networking, her intention being to work freelance. In the Netherlands, she tells me, any self-employed person is called an ‘entrepreneur’. Of course! And that’s it! That’s what Squatting Toad is all about. We’re not would-be entrepreneurs like those misguided Apprentice contestants, we’re entrepreneurial about every aspect of ourselves. What am I good at? What am I passionate about? What can I create that will make me and others happy? At the end of the day, we are all more than the sum of the ‘Skills and Experience’ section of our CVs. In an ideal Squatting Toad-administered universe, we wouldn’t need formal CVs.

I arrived at the airport excited and enthused, and feeling every inch the entrepreneur. Thanks, Kathryn.

I’m still committed to the idea of using this otherwise ‘dead’ commuting time to do some thinking and planning and otherwise moving Squatting Toad forward. I’ve more podcasts to write, for one thing. Tomorrow is Monday, day one of the new entrepreneurial week. Bring it on!

Have a good, creative one yourselves. And watch out for the next podcast, coming your way later this week.